Thursday, October 27, 2011

going green... er?

If you know me well - you know I try to live green. I make all of our cleaners (with the exception of Pledge - that stuff cleans stainless steel appliances better than any natural cleaner I've tried). I'm wanting to make the switch to natural/organic soaps and toothpastes and things (but am waiting to run out of our old stuff first - being wasteful isn't exactly green). We had our go with composting and will definitely do it again the moment we have a garage or basement (Silly worms kept busting out onto our kitchen floor... gross). And if I had to guess I'd say we eat about 70% organic and I'm continually trying to make that percentage higher and higher (as long as economically we can afford it - because there's no denying organic is much, much pricier a lot of the time). We also did cloth diapering for 9+ months and still use cloth for around 4 diapers/week. It's definitely harder to find the time for that extra load of laundry with two kiddos (the second being the baby girl I'm nannying 40-50 hrs/week). And I even just bought a steam mop about a month ago for our hardwood floors to kill germs with no harsh, toxic chemicals - just steam! Love it.

I mentioned to Michael last night, "the next thing I want to buy for our house is..." and I paused because his face was seriously stressed - as in "What else could you possibly want to do right now?!" (I should mention my list is always fairly long). "... buy some green plants for inside." And that's when relief washed over hubs' face, ha! I plan on going this weekend after payday to get one or two green plants for our house - I'm thinking one for the living room and one for the bedroom. We don't have a single plant in our house... kind of disappointing and I'm so ready to change that. Anyone have any suggestions for greenery that requires little to no sun? I'll keep you posted on what I decide on.

And another small thing I want to do is buy a salt rock lamp. I had never heard of them until last night but this post from young house love had me sold. I searched Amazon and have found dozens for around $10. Hopefully Santa will bring me one this year! :)

Having a baby definitely opens your eyes to how much harmful stuff is in your house and makes you want to get rid of it (I'm even contemplating throwing out all of my nail polish and non-organic make up this weekend) and then it makes you realize not only should you get rid of that for the kiddos - but you need to get rid of it for yourself to improve your air quality/life as well. But just so long as we're making an effort - I'll be proud of us :)

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