Monday, March 26, 2012


How far along? 
27 weeks
Updates on baby: she's the size of a head of cauliflower and probably around 14.5 inches
Symptoms/Body Changes: This momma is t-i-r-e-d. But mostly everything else is as is should be! Oh, except for heartburn that never, ever goes away. Blech.
Movement: Some days she's a real mover and other days I think she's going to be the most chill kid around... Can't wait to meet her and get to know that little personality.
Cravings/Aversions: none, woo!
Getting ready for baby: We had a yard sale - so that room is empty with the exception of baby things... hooray! Pictures to come soon :) And hopefully we'll be painting this weekend. Also, my parents picked up a Craigslist find dresser for me closer to their house so I can't wait to get my hands on it!
What I miss: Not being able to take a nap whenever I want to (not that I've ever been able to do this, but man I wish I could today!)
What I am looking forward to: Making more progress on that nursery!
Weekly wisdom: Maybe take a picture of yourself in your new dress before wearing it out... seeing that picture above made me think it really isn't as flattering as I originally thought! Oh well... Hopefully having it hemmed a few inches will help!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Caedmon is really into sharing juice and other food items with his animals right now. I found this rhino sitting in my cup yesterday... so sweet of you to share, bub! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sweet memory

This morning when Caedmon got up, Michael went downstairs and got him a sippy cup of milk and took it to his room. He said they rocked for awhile and he looked up at him and said, "Dadda, mama" Michael said, "You want me to take you to see momma?" and he said, "Mhmm" and then my boys came into bed and Caedmon cuddled his way into my arms and stayed there for a good 20 minutes. Perfect!

Monday, March 19, 2012

26 weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks
Updates on baby: according to our ultrasound this morning... sister weighs 2 pounds, 2 ounces! and she's very stubborn. we only were able to get a picture of her foot!
Symptoms/Body Changes: Still feeling really good. Physically my body is just so, so different so it's hard to get used to... bending down is more difficult and holding Caedmon is kind of a challenge. I'm definitely making little grunts whenever I have to bend over, ha!
Movement: She's still in there :)
Cravings/Aversions: none... I feel like things are pretty much as they always have been! (same for this week... hooray!)
Getting ready for baby:We've started a registry at two stores but both times Caedmon was with us so we didn't get much done. I still need to research double strollers (any advice, anyone?) But I think we've picked the crib we want and my decorator friend was such a big help! We're going with gray and yellow... I always told myself if we have a girl I am NOT doing pink in her room... and then when we started looking at stuff I was thinking coral. But I really think I would have regretted it a few months from now... so yellow it is! 
We also moved a bookshelf out of that room, into our room. It's feels so great to see that room have less and less in it so we can make it into a room for our daughter.
What I miss: Not being able to get things off the floor and things as easily as before... and when I didn't have to worry about Caedmon smooching my belly every time I hold him! Daddy is a big help when he's around, but Big Brother is a mamma's boy for certain!
What I am looking forward to: Having a yard sale this weekend to hopefully get rid of everything left in that room and make some extra money!
Weekly wisdom: Just listen to your body... if you need to rest - rest! Don't worry about not being able to do everything you used to be able to do. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend fun

This past weekend, Michael took a much needed day off of from work and we headed to Cincinnati. His family lives close to there and I have been wanting to go to the zoo so bad. And we finally planned it and went!

We planned to go on Friday and then we started watching the weather and it was Scattered Thunderstorms... all day. Such a bummer! But it was just a 10% chance of rain and we figured if it did rain, we could focus our attention on the inside stuff... but we were definitely still going. Yea!

Turns out, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. We would have kicked ourselves if we hadn't gone! Our friend Tara came with us and we picked up my sister in law on the way. It started out a little dreary but as the day went on it just got prettier and prettier!

Caedmon had a really great time... there was one incident with a little turtle bite that got all of us kind of in a bad mood. Caedmon was actually over it before both of us were. And all I'm going to say about it is that it's amazing the emotions that pour through your body when your child is harmed. Luckily it was a teeny more of an almost-bite than a bite but Caedmon's finger still has a mark on it three days later. But I don't want that one incident to taint our whole trip... because it was only 3 minutes and we had 4 hours of fun. But I still had to mention it.

 We were there for about four hours and my body was definitely feeling it. My feet hurt. That extra 15 pounds I have around my belly definitely makes a difference! We also took turns holding Caedmon a lot of the day and towards the end I just couldn't anymore. Fortunately the next day I was feeling back to myself again - but it definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I can't do quite what I used to be able to do anymore!

Crazy enough Caedmon didn't get a nap in after the zoo. We stayed with Michael's dad and he just doesn't sleep well away from his bed and his room. So we relaxed and watched Lady and the Tramp, then we went out to the park for a bit before coming home and getting Caedmon to bed. (Stinker didn't sleep til 9p!) He ended up sleeping with me and Michael slept in his old twin bed. We will never be a co-sleeping family... Caedmon does not leave room for the both of us! Plus I woke up about every 10 minutes with him next to me, just because it makes me nervous for some reason.

On Saturday we went to Michael's grandmas to celebrate St. Patrick's day! We ate corned beef and cabbage (a meal reserved strictly for St. Patty's) and had a super cute leprechaun shaped hat cake with mint ice cream. (Mint! and I kind of liked it!) Definitely a fun day with the fam. :)

It was so fun to have a weekend away - but boy is it good to be home! Caedmon slept in this morning and is currently napping in his crib. It's good to be back to our routine :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

25 weeks

How far along? 25 weeks
Updates on baby: She's growing hair at this point and probably weighs about a pound and a half.
Symptoms/Body Changes: Back pain is getting worse - with Caedmon I ended up going to physical therapy because of how bad it was (but that was probably around 30 weeks). I think we're going to try to see a chiropractor just to see if that could help with some of the pain. It's no bueno. But other than that, I'm feeling really great. I forget I'm pregnant sometimes!
Movement: Much more! This morning she actually woke me up she was rolling around so much! I guess she's just getting bigger and I am more aware of all of her movements now. :)
Cravings/Aversions: none... I feel like things are pretty much as they always have been!

Getting ready for baby: I've asked a very talented decorator/artist friend from church to help me choose colors and she's coming over to check out the room soon. I took one big box of kid things to a consignment store, and have another big box ready to go to the Lexington Rescue Mission and another box of box ready to take to store at Michael's parents.  So, slowly but surely I'm getting that room cleaned out! I also received this canvas in the mail this week! I had a groupon for a photo canvas that was going to expire so I needed to pick something, stat. I took this image awhile back while doing a shoot for some friends of mine. I love, love, love the way it turned out! I'm still not sure what colors her room will be - but I feel confident this will compliment whatever we choose.
What I miss: As of right now, not a thing!
What I am looking forward to: Our ultrasound on Monday! Can't wait to see the little miss.

Weekly wisdom: Maternity tops are much, much bigger then say, normal tops. So, when buying them online - probably buy a small size then you normally would. Otherwise, things might fall places they shouldn't and it's just not very appropriate!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

giveaway winner!

and the winner is... Kellie! Kellie, I'll try to get the Scentsy warmer and bar to you soon... I'm excited for you to try it! and thanks to everyone for entering! You should still check Scentsy out, you won't be sorry! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

little random updates

Big brother is snoozing. Nap times are becoming bittersweet. I can ask him if he wants to go night night and sometimes he'll grab my hand and lead the way and sometimes he'll say "no way!" Usually those times I can give him a few more minutes of play time and then say "Want to go upstairs and read books?" And I almost always get a yes. Or more recently a "mhmm" with a little nod.

So we read books. Little mister is picky - sometimes we sift through nine books before he's finally happy with the one I've chosen. And he'll probably want it read 3 or 4 times and then it's thrown to the floor and we have to find another book that he wants to read. His favorites are "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr. Suess, "Archibald's Opposites" which is a VeggieTales book, and "duck duck book" which is just a book counting various things to ten. It just amazes me that he already has such strong opinions! It's awesome... and sometimes a little frustrating.

But after we read I ask if he wants his blankie - sometimes he does and he'll cuddle into my chest for .5 seconds, sometimes he doesn't. After the offer I'll stand up and we'll sway back and forth for a few minutes... but it's becoming increasingly less time lately. Today he didn't even want to rock at all... he just pretty much asked to be laid down. It's not always that smooth. The other day he was fighting a nap hard and so I just swayed with him in my arms while he tried to push away and was screaming and within five minutes he settled himself and fell asleep on my shoulder. And after putting up such a fight that moment when you feel them give up and just relax in your arms... it's priceless. But more and more it's becoming the norm for him to not care so much to be rocked. Awesome and also a little sad. I'm sure I'll be thankful in three months when I don't have as much time to rock him... but who really knows what our routine will be like in three months!

He's started saying "yea!" which if you know him, you realize this is a pretty big deal. This kid said "no" exclusively for months. It's so fun to be able to ask him questions and get a yes or a no.

His favorite toys are these plastic animals that were Michael's when he was a kid. Honestly he hasn't played with much else in a few weeks! We found them in Michael's old room the last time we visited and Caedmon was so excited we knew we needed to bring those things home with us. It's funny to see how Michael and I play differently, too. Michael treats the animals as... animals. They fight and growl and that sort of thing. And when I play the animals say, "Hi lion, I'm zebra! Let's be friends!" Caedmon has taken to daddy's way of playing a little bit more - but sometimes the animals will give each other kisses and I can only guess he got that idea from me.

Today I was making breakfast and Caed was getting kind of frustrated that I wasn't holding him. I excitedly asked him to go bring his lion in to help us and he walked into the living room (crying the whole time) and came back with his lion. So cute. It's a sweet little distraction for me - and it's also fun to see that he really does recognize all of the different animals.

But earlier I got a pot out of the cupboard, took the lid off and almost had a heart attack... he had hidden his lion in there. Shew! I find those animals in the most random places every single day.

Oh, and one other pretty awesome update. He did so good in the nursery this past Sunday! I stayed with him first service and he played - away from me. BIG step. He played on the other side of the room and periodically would come and hand me something but he didn't seem to care that I was there. I left for second service and left him in there - and he did so good! The ladies said he started to get upset near the end... but a total awesome wonderful improvement to him crying the entire time! Victory! It gave me so much peace about starting him in preschool in the fall. I've been so nervous about that decision but I know it will be so good for him to just be around other kids his age.

Tonight I'm going to a prenatal yoga class. It's called "Relax and Restore" How awesome does that sound?? It's been kind of a crazy week around here and I am just so, so excited! I'm going with another pregnant friend and I'm just so excited to have someone to do things like this with. :)

... and while writing this I just ate an entire avocado worth of guacamole... yum! and baby girl is kicking away. I love nap time. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sweet memory

I was laying on the couch with my shirt pulled up over my belly... Caedmon crawled on the couch and I said "Your baby sister is in here! Can you say 'hi'?" He said Hi and waved and then laid his little head on my belly... and then he pulled my shirt down and said "Bye!" and climbed off the couch.

Adorable! I love, love, love this age!


How far along? 24 weeks

Updates on baby: She is probably over a pound and about the length of an ear of corn. :) 

Symptoms/Body Changes: I think that horrible stomach bug last week knocked out my morning sickness! I haven't had any at all this week. No other news to report, hooray! :)

Movement: I guess since I've been feeling better I'm moving around again a lot more and am not really noticing any movement until the end of the day after big brother is down for bed and I'm settling down for the night. Definitely still feeling movement - but more like just once or twice a day instead of throughout the day.

Cravings/Aversions: Pretty much back to normal, I think. I'm able to eat eggs again and I've been back to cooking about how much I was before. This week Michael did make a brownie run for me at about 9:30pm... I just couldn't get a brownie off my mind. Luckily, I've got a pretty wonderful husband. :)

Getting ready for baby: No news! My goal is to go look for fabric again (no luck when I went about 2 weeks ago) and hopefully find something for curtains. I'm continuing to search out Pinterest, though and am bursting with ideas as soon as we start to tackle that room. But really, I'm not feeling any need to rush (or even start) on the nursery just yet.

What I miss: I've been going to bed by 8:30 or 9. More like I just fall asleep at that time because I can't make it any longer... But I've always loved going to bed early so I don't mind it too much. The waking up at 6am, though, I'm kind of over. Wish I could sleep in!

What I am looking forward to: We have an ultrasound in about two weeks! And we're starting to throw around vacation/staycation ideas for early summer... Definitely looking forward to making those plans so I will have them to look forward to. :)

Weekly wisdom: Buy a new dress that makes you feel pretty. And belts! Go buy a belt. Every shirt I have l feel more confident in when I put a belt around the top of my belly. It makes such a difference (mentally at least, if nowhere else!)

In case you missed it, check yesterday's post for a giveaway!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Giveaway is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Yep, that's right... I'm doing a giveaway! Isn't that fun? My sweet friend Jessica sells Scentsy and offered to do a giveaway for this blog. :)

So, Scentsy. Honestly, I had never heard of Scentsy until one of Caedmon's baby showers over a year ago. Someone bought me a warmer and after just one day of using it I decided that I needed a warmer for every room in my house... these things are great! And there are so many scents to choose from... and I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with any of them. :)

It's a wax warmer - it's totally non-toxic (which you know I love) and in just a couple minutes it makes your whole room smell heavenly. Better than any candle or other plug-in type thing I've tried. It really is awesome.

And thanks to Jessica - you can have a chance to win one! She's sent me a mid-size warmer and a scentsy bar in My Dear Watson (which smells absolutely wonderful... I want to keep it for myself!). All you need to do is go like her Facebook page, located here and comment back here on this post letting me know you did it! Easy peasy. :)

You should also check out her website and look at all of the cute Scentsy buddies out now, too. I'm thinking Caedmon needs one in his Easter basket this year.. :)

I'll end the giveaway on Friday and announce a winner sometime Friday evening or Saturday morning! Good luck!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

streams of consciousness

Today has been a really, really good day so far. Caedmon got up too early - I'm afraid he got that gene from me! But Michael brought him downstairs to eat (Boy is ready to eat immediately after waking up!) and I rolled around in bed a little while longer. I so cherish my sweet husband who is so willing to give this momma just a few more minutes in bed in the morning.

I came downstairs after a shower (sort of a luxury with a toddler!) and he had made coffee and breakfast... then we got ready to go out for the day. Michael for work and Caed and I for a morning out with my girlfriends. Once a month we get together and have breakfast and it is just so nice to catch up with this group of women... I wish I got to see each of them more but with each of us in completely, totally different places in life - it's tough. So I'm so glad we're able to set aside just one Saturday a month and share breakfast together. Caedmon was great the whole time too... Sometimes you never know with a little one.

We came home and it was time for a nap. I'm so thankful nap times have transformed into what they are. I found an old journal the other day and I didn't realize at the time just how much Caedmon's sleep was affecting me - it's all I wrote about probably because I was in a constant state of utter exhaustion. But before I could even realize it... things are better. Better than I could have dreamed. The past few nights Caedmon is asking to go "nigh nigh"... taking my hand, leading me up the stairs, and handing me a book to read him before bed. It's a total dream and I never thought we'd get to where we are. It's not always a piece of cake... but it is definitely the norm and I'm just so thankful! I'm praying that I don't get to that same unhealthy state of exhaustion with the new baby. I'm holding out for a good sleeper from the get-go... it could happen, right?

I realized I don't have much time to think about this new baby. I absolutely adore being a stay at home mom. I have lots of friends who say they're not sure they could do it... and I honestly feel like I'm not sure I could not do it. I never had a real passion until I became a mother. It's literally what I know I was made to do and I had never felt that before. It's a big, big job. But I love it. I don't always get the dishes done or the carpet vacuumed and sometimes I feel like I'm failing at staying home. But I wouldn't change anything. I'm busy with a rambunctious toddler who is challenging me a lot during the day but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm more nervous than I care to admit about what it will be like having two children. I'm so excited for our family to be growing and changing... but I'm definitely scared at how much things will change.

Last night we were under a tornado warning. I grew up in Oklahoma which is in "tornado alley" so I'm no stranger to storms and tornados. Sometimes I realize I take them too lightly because storms really aren't the same here as they are in the midwest. They're much scarier there... and the threat of losing your home is a much more serious one. But I realized that's a foolish way to think - because destruction can happen anywhere... and unfortunately it did happen here. Not here as in Lexington, but here as in Kentucky. Maybe it wasn't a big as a storm as typically happen in Oklahoma... but a loss is a loss and it's heartbreaking regardless of the size. So I want to be more prepared in general for things and to not underestimate things. But I am so very thankful that I don't like in Oklahoma anymore... I remember so many nights when I was younger of just being glued to the TV as Gary England (uhm, he was the weatherman in Oklahoma and storms happened so often he was a pretty big deal, so it's not weird I remember his name!) reported where in the state they were happening and we would all go down to the cellar at my grandparents' house and sit and wait until the storm had passed. It was definitely weird to kind of be transported to those memories yesterday where the only thing I could do was fill our bathroom with pillows and blankets and pack up toiletries, un-refrigerated foods and bottled water. You just have to try to do the best you can with your circumstances... but I definitely missed having that luxury of a cellar right down the street, just in case.

Kind of a random post... but it was kind of nice to just write out some thoughts as I sit in this quiet house by myself for a little while :)