Saturday, October 8, 2011

playing with the camera + life with two kiddos

I'm sad to admit it but ... it had been weeks since I busted out my camera. Caedmon, baby A, and I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and hung out on our patio with some sidewalk chalk. A fell asleep so I brought her inside to nap and brought my camera outside to play. Ah, so fun! It's such a fun hobby... I really, really love it. I'm a little rusty I think - but hoping that I'll pick everything up again fairly quickly!

Caedmon and I both were a chalky mess but it was so fun. I love this weather and I hope we're able to get outside lots more before the cold weather takes over. Well, get out to you know... the patio. It's so incredibly difficult getting out of the house with a toddler, a car seat, plus two bags. I know I'll get used to it but - man! it's tricky. Props to all of you mommas with more than one kiddo. For real.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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