Monday, October 3, 2011

Same story, new blog

After I found Caedmon's photo on another woman's blog - with her pretending him to be her own son 'Eric' - I immediately deleted the previous blog - the blog that I wrote in for two whole years. I love blogging and documenting my journey as a mother as well as keeping tabs on Caedmon's development and all of the adventures we take as a family.

That's the real reason I decided to make a new blog, because it's a fun hobby for me. When I look back on my posts from the last two years (which I saved quickly into a Word Doc before I deleted my Tumblr account) I'm so very glad I was so persistent with blogging. I have every trip we took, a lot of my struggles, new things Caedmon learned to do and when... all of these things I have that I wouldn't if I hadn't blogged.

So that is why I've decided to continue blogging - and to keep the creepy mccreeperson's away - you have to have a password to access this (sorry for the hassle - but it is absolutely 100% necessary for my own peace of mind as I document my most precious son in the online world).

Stay tuned - I feel like this blog is going to be even better than the last! :)

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