Saturday, February 18, 2012

date night: february edition

I mentioned here that the hubs and I have decided to go on at least one date a month. I figured I would try to do a quick recap each month to help keep us to our little challenge. :) Last month we went out to dinner and then headed to Starbucks... this month it was still a pretty low-key date as well but it was so much fun.

We went to a place in town called the movie tavern - you can eat your meal and watch the movie at the same time. It's fun to do every once in awhile but you definitely miss the conversation that you usually would have with the meal, before the movie. We saw The Vow. It was really, really good. I laughed and cried (even Michael said he was fighting to not tear up!). It was just a really sweet love story.

We said next time we'll do dinner before the movie, then go to the movie tavern and have dessert... if you're interested in checking out the movie tavern - that's how we would recommend doing it. :)

Afterwords we headed to Dairy Queen and split a blizzard while we sat in the car before we headed home and talked about our kids and becoming parents of two. (Eeeee!) Like I said, low-key... but still perfect.

Our super sweet friend Molly watched Caedmon for us - he was a little upset she said up until bedtime but he luckily fell asleep for her the same way he does for us - praise! :)

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  1. I miss the movie tavern.. wish we had one of those here! I do have to agree, watching a movie while eating definitely puts a damper on conversations. Such a good idea to do deserts there instead!