Thursday, March 8, 2012

little random updates

Big brother is snoozing. Nap times are becoming bittersweet. I can ask him if he wants to go night night and sometimes he'll grab my hand and lead the way and sometimes he'll say "no way!" Usually those times I can give him a few more minutes of play time and then say "Want to go upstairs and read books?" And I almost always get a yes. Or more recently a "mhmm" with a little nod.

So we read books. Little mister is picky - sometimes we sift through nine books before he's finally happy with the one I've chosen. And he'll probably want it read 3 or 4 times and then it's thrown to the floor and we have to find another book that he wants to read. His favorites are "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr. Suess, "Archibald's Opposites" which is a VeggieTales book, and "duck duck book" which is just a book counting various things to ten. It just amazes me that he already has such strong opinions! It's awesome... and sometimes a little frustrating.

But after we read I ask if he wants his blankie - sometimes he does and he'll cuddle into my chest for .5 seconds, sometimes he doesn't. After the offer I'll stand up and we'll sway back and forth for a few minutes... but it's becoming increasingly less time lately. Today he didn't even want to rock at all... he just pretty much asked to be laid down. It's not always that smooth. The other day he was fighting a nap hard and so I just swayed with him in my arms while he tried to push away and was screaming and within five minutes he settled himself and fell asleep on my shoulder. And after putting up such a fight that moment when you feel them give up and just relax in your arms... it's priceless. But more and more it's becoming the norm for him to not care so much to be rocked. Awesome and also a little sad. I'm sure I'll be thankful in three months when I don't have as much time to rock him... but who really knows what our routine will be like in three months!

He's started saying "yea!" which if you know him, you realize this is a pretty big deal. This kid said "no" exclusively for months. It's so fun to be able to ask him questions and get a yes or a no.

His favorite toys are these plastic animals that were Michael's when he was a kid. Honestly he hasn't played with much else in a few weeks! We found them in Michael's old room the last time we visited and Caedmon was so excited we knew we needed to bring those things home with us. It's funny to see how Michael and I play differently, too. Michael treats the animals as... animals. They fight and growl and that sort of thing. And when I play the animals say, "Hi lion, I'm zebra! Let's be friends!" Caedmon has taken to daddy's way of playing a little bit more - but sometimes the animals will give each other kisses and I can only guess he got that idea from me.

Today I was making breakfast and Caed was getting kind of frustrated that I wasn't holding him. I excitedly asked him to go bring his lion in to help us and he walked into the living room (crying the whole time) and came back with his lion. So cute. It's a sweet little distraction for me - and it's also fun to see that he really does recognize all of the different animals.

But earlier I got a pot out of the cupboard, took the lid off and almost had a heart attack... he had hidden his lion in there. Shew! I find those animals in the most random places every single day.

Oh, and one other pretty awesome update. He did so good in the nursery this past Sunday! I stayed with him first service and he played - away from me. BIG step. He played on the other side of the room and periodically would come and hand me something but he didn't seem to care that I was there. I left for second service and left him in there - and he did so good! The ladies said he started to get upset near the end... but a total awesome wonderful improvement to him crying the entire time! Victory! It gave me so much peace about starting him in preschool in the fall. I've been so nervous about that decision but I know it will be so good for him to just be around other kids his age.

Tonight I'm going to a prenatal yoga class. It's called "Relax and Restore" How awesome does that sound?? It's been kind of a crazy week around here and I am just so, so excited! I'm going with another pregnant friend and I'm just so excited to have someone to do things like this with. :)

... and while writing this I just ate an entire avocado worth of guacamole... yum! and baby girl is kicking away. I love nap time. :)

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