Monday, May 21, 2012

35 weeks

How far along? 35 weeks

Updates on baby: still doing great! she's probably weighs about 5 pounds about now :)

Symptoms/Body Changes: Exhaustion, with the hot weather we've been having my feet and hands are swelling at the end of the day, heartburn, nausea/vomiting again in the mornings and well as some new not-so-fun more personal symptoms that I'll just keep to myself. Basically, I'm pretty much ready to not be pregnant anymore!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new... I'm not craving sweet things as much. I used to crave everything sweet but now if I've had one sweet for the whole day - I'm happy.

Getting ready for baby: I made the hair bow holder, everything is washed and organized. Next weekend we should be getting her dresser and a rocking chair that my grandpa refinished from my parents. Excited to see her room come together! After next weekend I plan on taking some photos to share so you all can see it, too. I really love it!

What I miss: just feeling like myself. Pregnancy is awesome and I love it, but it's also tough. Really tough.

What I am looking forward to: Getting her room all finished this weekend :)

Weekly wisdom: Sorry, nothing new for this week either.

15 weeks

25 weeks

35 weeks

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