Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Christmastime!

Oh my word, I love Christmas. I love so many things about it. This will be Caedmon's second Christmas... but it's the first where he'll be more aware of what's going on. (And I'm sure that will just continue next year and the next... which I am so looking forward to!)

We bought him a Thomas the train set for Christmas... I think Michael is already so excited to play with it with him! He played with a set at a friends house and he played with those trains for 30 minutes all by himself! Plus it makes it easy if people ask what to get him - we can tell them they can contribute to his set! I always see kids of all ages playing with the train sets in Joseph Beth and Barnes and Noble (we go to those places fairly often just so C can play with the trains... he loves them) so I'm hopeful this will grow with him, too. :) In the picture he's playing with a train that went around our tree when I was little that my parents brought up for him to play with. This boy loves anything on wheels - but we're kind of running with the train theme :) We also got him a pair of Thomas Christmas jammies that are probably the cutest thing ever. 

We try not to watch much TV but if C is in a funk (or momma needs a minute) I can turn Thomas on and as soon as the theme song starts, he dances along and will say "choo choo" He gets so excited! It's pretty adorable. Or if Michael or I sing the theme song (um, it happens) he will dance along with us... it's fun.

I still want to get him an ornament for this year - I'm looking for a choo-choo. The Thomas ones are around $20 and aren't that cute... so I don't know. Last year we got him a Pooh one and I've thought about just getting another Pooh one - but I like the idea of getting an ornament of something that enjoyed that year every year for his ornament - so I'll probably stick with my train idea. Let me know if you happen to come across any neat ones!

So, didn't mean for this to be all about trains, ha! But I wanted to update and I guess that's what I wanted to talk about :) I made a super cute Christmas-y craft last night though - I'm planning to take a picture of it and then I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! :)

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