Thursday, December 8, 2011

ribbon wreath!

I love crafting... I'm not the best at it by any means, but I just enjoy making things. I love going to a craft store and buying something plain and simple and bringing it home to decorate it and (try to) make it into something pretty.

I made this one last year and decided to make one (er, now two) for this year as gifts in case I needed some extra ones. If you'd like me to make you one I'm thinking I could try to sell them. So, if you're interested let me know! :)

And if you want to make one yourself, here's how you do it. You'll need a styrofoam wreath, some ribbon (around 6-9 spools), and stick pins and that's it!

Cut the ribbon into 2 inch strips (or just eyeball it to the size you want). 

Then create a loop, stick a pin in it. I start with one color and finish that entire spool of ribbon before starting on another. I think that the color is dispersed a little more evenly that way.

Then just pin it into the styrofoam. It will look a little... wonky until you're almost finished. I made one last night and I almost pitched the idea at first because I just didn't think it was coming together (even though I love the one I made last year!)... but stick with it - it will look prettier once all the ribbon is in place!

When I made one last year I just searched for any Christmas ribbon I could find so ours is very colorful... this year I'm making a silver one and a red one and I like how it looks when it's a little more uniform, I think. So for this silvery one I used 2 spools of each of 3 different types of ribbon.  I really love the way it turned out!

And there's my fun Christmas craft... It really is fun to make - it's just a little time consuming. It's a perfect activity to do while watching a Christmas movie :) Let me know if you'd like one or if you decide to make one for yourself!


  1. So cute! I absolutely love it!

  2. That is awesome! So cute! I've got a Christmas wreath I'm reusing from last year- but I could TOTALLY see making a ribbon wreath for each season! A fall one would look so neat!