Friday, December 30, 2011

toddler table!

I just bought this table for Caedmon to the tune of $33 on Amazon! Thrilled with that price after searching Craigslist and dozens of other sites - this was by far the best deal. And I like how simple it is... you know I'll be I'll get Michael to paint or stain it in the very near future :)

I might have succumbed to peer pressure a bit (that was self-inflicted, of course). There are about four different blogs I read all with kiddo's C's age and ALL of them mentioned something about buying/building/painting a toddler table within the past month. Crazy, right? So, obviously I needed to jump on the bandwagon and get little C one, too. I really hope he likes it! He loves sitting in a rocking chair (his size, my mom brought it down, it was mine when I was young!) and reading books so I feel pretty confident he's going to love having a table his size, too. Plus it should last until he's at least 4 and by then we'll have other little ones at the perfect age for using the table, so here's hoping it gets a lot of use! 

Also, I mentioned several weeks/months ago about switching C's room into a montessori room (it's going to be a very slow transition...) But last night Michael put C to bed and he said he didn't want to sit in the rocker to read a story, but went to his "reading corner" (corner in his room where I keep some pillows and all the stuffed animals) where they snuggled up, read a story, and then Caedmon walked over to the lamp, turned it off (it turns on and off with a switch you can push with your foot) and then reached up to Michael to have him lay him in his crib. Isn't that exciting?? So, I think we're reading to take out the rocking chair, and make the reading corner a little bigger. Not having the chair in his room will free up so much space to play... I'm really excited :) And then eventually the goal is to have a montessori bed (which is just the mattress on the floor) but I think that is still months away, C is doing so great with his crib, I don't want to rush anything! So, there are some small updates in our house... more to come soon!

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  1. I used to have that table and chairs in my old classroom! I"m sure he'll love it!

    And I think he'll do so much better with the bed than you think! I thought for sure it was going to be a nightmare switching Dax's room over but it has been nothing but perfect from day one! And I love that when he's tired he just walks into his room and lays down on his own! I can't wait to see C's room all changed over... make sure you take pictures :)