Thursday, January 5, 2012

a glimpse into 2011

Goodness, 2011 really flew by, didn't it?

 Well, last year I did a quick recap of our year that was kind of fun so I thought I'd do the same thing for this year.

So, in January of last year we had a 6 month old and we were busy trying all sorts of new fruits and veggies.

In February my beau came home from work and surprised me with these beauties that were grown locally. So thoughtful :)

In March we had a visit from some of our best friends, the Guest's before they left for Honduras... where they are right now. I was roommates with Ashley for years in college and then our first apartment happened to be right across the street from theirs - so we were used to seeing them pretty often :) We miss them so, so much!

In April, I had did my very first photo shoot for some very good friends of ours. Big confidence booster seeing many of the images around their house! 

In May, I planned my first baby shower for a friend from our small group. I learned so much and was so proud of myself for how crafty I was (see airplane advice clouds above, that I painted!) :) Thankful for friends who also pitched in and made that day a special one.

Also in May, we headed to Chicago to visit Michael's side of the fam for a memorial service for his grandfather. It was so wonderful getting to see a side of the family we don't see very often. Caedmon loved tormenting his cousin Annabelle, too. We also ate lots and lots and lots of Portillo's. (I've you've never been and have the chance... GO. it's amazing!)

In June, Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Michael surprised me by planning an overnight stay at a hotel here in town (the same one we had our reception in!). He arranged for two of our friends to come over and watch Caedmon all through the night. It was so, so fun!

In July, our boy turned ONE! We threw a fun birthday party for him and he had a total blast. I may have already started some planning for his second birthday.... maybe.

In August, I turned 24 and Michael planned a surprise party for me in Northern Kentucky on our way to OH to visit some of my family for my cousins wedding. Again, it was so fun watching Caedmon meet some of my family for the first time. We walked into my grandparent's house and C reached out immediately for my grandpa to hold him. One of my favorite memories from the whole trip!

In September we took a wonderful vacation to Charleston. It was probably my favorite week of the year... I love the beach so much. It was awesome watching Caedmon play in the sand and watching the waves too. I wish we could go every year!!!

Other highlights of September, Michael turned 25 and Caedmon got his first haircut!

October was a fun month. Fall is a favorite season of ours! We went to the orchard with some great friends.

I helped throw another baby shower for one of my best friends! 

Had my second photo shoot - a maternity shoot... super, duper fun!

And we celebrated Caedmon's second halloween with going to the Fall Festival at church and painting a pumpkin. Fun memories, for sure!
In November we had both of our families over to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving together (one positive to us both being from small families - planning things over the holidays is never a headache!) It was the second year doing this and it was just so fun! My grandmother from Oklahoma even got to be here for it!

December was another fun month! Almost every weekend was filled with some type of Christmas party (which I loved) and on Christmas day is ended up being just the three of us which was so fun... I love the holidays!

And there was a quick look into our 2011. It's fun going back through some memories I had almost forgotten about... 2011 really was such a good year. But I'm thrilled to see what 2012 has in store for us!


  1. LOVE the recap! I may have to steal your ideas (I've GOT to be better at having my camera around--not nearly as many pics as I'd like!)

  2. Love it! And we miss you so much too!!! We'll be up in July so the babies can play together :) Or at least Caedmon can play with them both! I REALLLYYYY hope we can see each other-we'll only be in the states a week :(
    -Ash - I'm sure you could figure that out but I don't know why it won't put my name.