Wednesday, February 8, 2012

toddler plates

I know this post may be a bit random... but I'm going to share anyway. :) So I've read dozens of articles about kids eating better if the food in front of them looks better. As in the way it's presented. Big brother has never been a great eater - he's is a good eater most of the time. But we certainly have our share of days each week where it's just not as great as I would hope.

Well, I went out and bought some toddler plates, in hopes of making meal time more appealing. Before this we would just put food on his high chair tray or use one of our smaller white ceramic plates, or one of his plastic bowls. But I wanted some divider plates... because they're just neat! I hoped that they would help him eat a little more or just be more interested in meal times.

They've been working about a hundred times better than I could have hoped! Plus it's kind of a challenge to me to make sure I'm offering more balanced meals because I don't want to leave a "spot" on his plate empty. He's much more interested in eating and is honestly eating probably close to double what he was eating before. It could be a fluke - we've only been using these for about 4 days now... but man! I've definitely noticed a difference.

So, if you've got a picky toddler.... go buy some toddler divider plates! Apparently those articles are right. :)

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