Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's a ........!

So last we officially decided to find out the sex of the baby. We were on the fence about it - but with neither of us having strong convictions that we should wait to find out. And we were obviously very excited about knowing... so we called it and knew going into the appointment we would find out.

I asked Michael if he would like to reveal the gender to me... like after the ultrasound. It was still more of a surprise than just finding out in the room. Anyway - he was all for it. So we asked the lady to write the sex on a card for Michael to read and then I headed to my midwife appointment (the ultrasound place is totally separate from where I see my midwife this time around so it's two entirely separate appointments - I just happen to make them at the same time when possible). While he and Caedmon headed.... wherever. :)

I came home from my appointment and my boys were waiting for me in the kitchen and there was a beautiful bouquet of PINK roses on the table! We are having a baby girl! He actually had set up a video camera to catch my reaction, too. (No tears - I'm really not too emotional). It was such a fun surprise! I think Caed could sense the excitement between us two because he could not stop smiling and clapping... It was so awesome. Later in the day we even went out and I bought two baby girl dresses that are so darn cute!

We're definitely excited! We feel like we won't quite know what to do with a girl... but I'm fully confident we'll figure it out. :)

Now onto Pinterest for hairbow tutorials and cute baby girl nurseries! :)

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  1. So I know I've told you like a million times already.... but I"m SOOO excited!

    And I want to see those dresses :)