Tuesday, February 28, 2012


How far along? 
23 weeks

Updates on baby: Littlest love is about the size of a mango and may already be used to some loud noises around our house. So hopefully she's not shocked by a rambunctious big brother... :)

Symptoms/Body Changes: This week was... hard. I had the worst stomach virus over the weekend and when I wasn't getting sick I was in bed crying about how awful I felt! I'm finally feeling better, though, and the sickness is only happening a few mornings a week. I realize it could be so much worse, so I'm thankful for what it is! My belly has also become a focal point for C. He points at it and touches it often and tries to climb on all of the time. Ouch! It's also much harder for me to rock him (with his legs around my waist and head on my shoulder) because it puts so much pressure on my new belly. That's my least favorite realization of the week... I don't want to have to stop rocking my baby!

Movement: Sister is a big time mover! It's crazy how just a few weeks ago I wasn't feeling her very much and now almost whenever I am still she kicks like crazy. Pretty neat. :)

Cravings/Aversions: No food has sounded good this week. Michael leaves for church early Sunday mornings and he asked a friend to come help with Caedmon while he was gone since I was so awfully sick on Saturday. She came over and I asked her to make me banana bread... it was the only thing that was finally sounding yummy! Luckily she's the sweetest friend and she made me two loaves and cleaned my kitchen. :)

Getting ready for baby: This morning I started to organize our "yard sale/Craigslist" pile that's in the office. (PS - I never ever have luck selling things on Craigslist... does anyone else feel this way, or am I the only one?) I need to post a picture of the office so I can track our progress. My BabyCenter e-mail this week said to get the nursery painted already... uhm, excuse me?! We still have oodles of time. Right? Oh, and I think I'm liking coral and gray for the nursery - still with yellow, I've just got to see how everything fits together once I start buying things for the nursery. I'll keep ya posted. :)

What I miss: not getting sick or doing laundry or having to take three showers a day because I'm covered in sick. (Unfortunately Caed got the bug, too..) BLEH.

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow is open gym for toddlers at a gym in town... we went last week and it was so much fun. I'm excited to take Caedmon again!

Weekly wisdom: Rest. Rest. Rest!

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