Monday, March 19, 2012

26 weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks
Updates on baby: according to our ultrasound this morning... sister weighs 2 pounds, 2 ounces! and she's very stubborn. we only were able to get a picture of her foot!
Symptoms/Body Changes: Still feeling really good. Physically my body is just so, so different so it's hard to get used to... bending down is more difficult and holding Caedmon is kind of a challenge. I'm definitely making little grunts whenever I have to bend over, ha!
Movement: She's still in there :)
Cravings/Aversions: none... I feel like things are pretty much as they always have been! (same for this week... hooray!)
Getting ready for baby:We've started a registry at two stores but both times Caedmon was with us so we didn't get much done. I still need to research double strollers (any advice, anyone?) But I think we've picked the crib we want and my decorator friend was such a big help! We're going with gray and yellow... I always told myself if we have a girl I am NOT doing pink in her room... and then when we started looking at stuff I was thinking coral. But I really think I would have regretted it a few months from now... so yellow it is! 
We also moved a bookshelf out of that room, into our room. It's feels so great to see that room have less and less in it so we can make it into a room for our daughter.
What I miss: Not being able to get things off the floor and things as easily as before... and when I didn't have to worry about Caedmon smooching my belly every time I hold him! Daddy is a big help when he's around, but Big Brother is a mamma's boy for certain!
What I am looking forward to: Having a yard sale this weekend to hopefully get rid of everything left in that room and make some extra money!
Weekly wisdom: Just listen to your body... if you need to rest - rest! Don't worry about not being able to do everything you used to be able to do. 

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