Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend fun

This past weekend, Michael took a much needed day off of from work and we headed to Cincinnati. His family lives close to there and I have been wanting to go to the zoo so bad. And we finally planned it and went!

We planned to go on Friday and then we started watching the weather and it was Scattered Thunderstorms... all day. Such a bummer! But it was just a 10% chance of rain and we figured if it did rain, we could focus our attention on the inside stuff... but we were definitely still going. Yea!

Turns out, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. We would have kicked ourselves if we hadn't gone! Our friend Tara came with us and we picked up my sister in law on the way. It started out a little dreary but as the day went on it just got prettier and prettier!

Caedmon had a really great time... there was one incident with a little turtle bite that got all of us kind of in a bad mood. Caedmon was actually over it before both of us were. And all I'm going to say about it is that it's amazing the emotions that pour through your body when your child is harmed. Luckily it was a teeny more of an almost-bite than a bite but Caedmon's finger still has a mark on it three days later. But I don't want that one incident to taint our whole trip... because it was only 3 minutes and we had 4 hours of fun. But I still had to mention it.

 We were there for about four hours and my body was definitely feeling it. My feet hurt. That extra 15 pounds I have around my belly definitely makes a difference! We also took turns holding Caedmon a lot of the day and towards the end I just couldn't anymore. Fortunately the next day I was feeling back to myself again - but it definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I can't do quite what I used to be able to do anymore!

Crazy enough Caedmon didn't get a nap in after the zoo. We stayed with Michael's dad and he just doesn't sleep well away from his bed and his room. So we relaxed and watched Lady and the Tramp, then we went out to the park for a bit before coming home and getting Caedmon to bed. (Stinker didn't sleep til 9p!) He ended up sleeping with me and Michael slept in his old twin bed. We will never be a co-sleeping family... Caedmon does not leave room for the both of us! Plus I woke up about every 10 minutes with him next to me, just because it makes me nervous for some reason.

On Saturday we went to Michael's grandmas to celebrate St. Patrick's day! We ate corned beef and cabbage (a meal reserved strictly for St. Patty's) and had a super cute leprechaun shaped hat cake with mint ice cream. (Mint! and I kind of liked it!) Definitely a fun day with the fam. :)

It was so fun to have a weekend away - but boy is it good to be home! Caedmon slept in this morning and is currently napping in his crib. It's good to be back to our routine :)

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