Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I had a midwife appointment this morning... baby girl is healthy and measuring a bit small. She and our son have actually measured exactly the same at nearly all of our appointments. My weight has been almost exactly the same throughout this pregnancy as it was last time too!

My midwife thinks there's a good chance I'll deliver her early and while that is super fun to hear, I'm not going to hold my breath! Big brother was 3 days past our "due date" and each of those days were really, really long ones. I woke up thinking, "Today is going to be the day!" And of course it wasn't. And when his birthday actually did come along it was exactly how it was supposed to be. But I know due dates are totally arbitrary and I think I just have an even better grasp of that this time, even though I'm sure I'll be disappointed if I'm still pregnant on June 26. But this time I think I'll know to really and truly cherish my last few nights of uninterrupted sleep if she is a day or two past her 'due date' :)

I'm not a fan of inductions, at least not for myself. I realize it's totally personal preference but I like that my midwife will 'allow' me to go to 41+ weeks before the word induction will ever be mentioned.

I'm nervous about labor this time. But I'm also really, really excited for it. The first time I was just so nervous - having no clue what to expect. And this time I still don't know what to expect! But I learned the first time that my body is a miracle and also that I'm much stronger than I give myself credit for! I'm excited to experience the whole labor and delivery process again and just see how it differs. It really is the most beautiful thing... I just can't wait to experience it again!

Midwife has told me she expects my labor and the pushing process to be much easier this time, since it was less than two years ago that my body has done this. I was very encouraged by this!

Kind of a random pregnancy update, but it's what's going through my head today :)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have another nursery update ready to go... painting is all finished and crib is set up! Hooray! :)

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