Friday, April 13, 2012

the nursery: progress

This room has been our junk room since we moved in. We called it the office because it's where Michael's computer was... but really, it's always been the junk room. Here are some before pictures to give you an idea of what it was like. It actually used to be much worse - these are after we'd already gotten rid of several things! Sheesh, how embarrassing!
That dresser was full of blankets and sheets... I moved all of them into the hope chest my grandpa made for me when I graduated high school that sits at the foot of our bed. I definitely had to do some purging to make it all fit - but really - what do we need with 2631 blankets? However, I did keep several just because I think they have good fort making potential for someday in the future :) Good reason, right? We're hoping to paint that dresser and move it into Caedmon's room... but we've got lots of other projects that need to be finished first.

This is also where all of Caedmon's toys go when he outgrows them or hasn't played with them in awhile. We don't want to get rid of much because we know baby sister will enjoy them someday... but it's tough figuring out where to put everything! The closet was full of Michael's and my clothes but we were able to pretty much donate all of them - if they've been hanging in that closet for two years and we haven't worn any of them - it's safe to say we can toss/gift/try to sell them. So now the closet is full of girly things and Caedmon's baby things. It was nice to get the baby things out of Caed's closet and move it into this one. The other boxes were garage sale things that I just stored in this room until we had the yard sale.

We were able to sell this desk at the yard sale! We don't have room for a desktop anymore so it is packed away in our closet for now. We're hoping in the future we'll have some space in the kitchen of our next home to re-set this up. But for now, it just has to be packed away. 

So we had the yard sale a few weeks ago... we made a little over $200 to put into our nursery fund! We did a lot better than I was expecting! Any thing that didn't sell we dropped off at Goodwill or the Lexington Rescue Mission and I had a box of hand-me-downs that I try to give to my younger girl cousins. It's nice to know they like getting things from me because they think I'm cool. :) It definitely makes it easier to get rid of things when you know someone else can really benefit from them! And we both just feel so much lighter knowing we got rid of so much excess. I love spring cleaning so much! Getting rid of stuff is the best :)

Now here is the room before it was primed. Mostly empty!

And here it is after Michael primed it and painted the yellow :) It's called daffodil by Sherwin Williams... we both love it so much! And it was a totally last minute pick. Love it when things like that work out. Originally we were looking at pale yellows and on a whim before I was going to buy paint I looked at the 'bolder' yellows... this was the lightest of the bunch and I love it. It's such a soft, perfect yellow in person!

The other walls are gray and so are the stripes - I just don't have photos yet! Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend. The white stripe is still primer and needs to be taped off an actually painted (plus Michael will do some touching up on a few of the stripes). I'll do a post soon with the completed paint job and also some tips we learned while painting stripes.

Sorry to leave you hanging, hopefully it'll be worth the wait :) It's so fun for us to see how our nursery is really coming together, though!!

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