Thursday, May 24, 2012

to-do lists

I love lists. I make at least one a day of just different projects I want to do, birthday ideas, chores that need to get done, things to add to our grocery lists, whatever... I just love them. So, while I was thinking of our nursery to-do list, I thought I'd go ahead and share it here, just because maybe you like lists, too. :) My dad is coming up this weekend with the dresser and a wooden rocking chair so we're hoping after that we can get everything finished. And then I suppose I'll have to find other things to keep me busy over the next few weeks.. :)

  • Move white dresser and chair into nursery
  • Have dad take brown dresser
  • Arrange furniture
  • Lower cornice by about 1 inch
  • Find ottoman for the rocking chair
  • Hang prints and other wall decorations
  • Find photos for the empty frames (1 5x7, 1 4x6)
  • Make a yellow fabric flower for the frame with the gray print
  • Spray paint mirror for above the crib white
  • Hang mirror
  • Install extra shelf/hanging bar in nursery closet
  • Look into blackout curtains/blinds (for both nursery and C's room)
  • Finish washing all sheets, blankets, changing pad covers
  • Spray paint rocking horse white (it was mine when I was little and it currently has some red nail polish for eyebrows and rosy cheeks... not the cutest thing as it is right now!)

Okay, that's all I can think of for now... hopefully by early next week it'll all be finished and I can snap some photos of it all completed! I've been waiting because it's just not there yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

Also, I think having a daughter is going to help me become even craftier. I've made a cornice, crib skirt, hair bow holder, and I sewed a pennant banner to hang somewhere in her room of just some scrap fabric I had... It turned out really cute and I'm hoping to find the perfect place to hang it. Anyway, there will definitely be photos of all of these things soon! Promise. :)

And because maybe I'm weird I like seeing the things I've completed, so I'm going to go ahead and include that, too. :)
  • Choose paint colors
  • Measure wall/figure out stripe order
  • Paint
  • Make cornice
  • Hang curtains and cornice
  • Find prints for nursery
  • Make hair bow holder
  • Make crib skirt
  • Find a mirror/art for above the crib
So very excited to get this room done and to meet our baby girl!

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