Thursday, June 21, 2012

nursery update!

(Our last nursery update is here). Not sure when it happened... but I was leaving her room earlier this week and realized everything is more or less put away. Pretty neat. I finally decided on wall decorations (or at least locations of wall decorations...) :) SO I figured it was finally time to give you a little update. :)

The frame on the upper right is just a stock photo - plan on updating it with maybe a pregnancy photo I like or with a photo of her. Haven't decided yet! The pennant banner on the left I made and was going to just hang on the wall, but it looked too empty so I got out a frame we weren't using, removed the glass and backing, and just hung it there. I really like it! The bottom right photo is this card by Katie Daisy. I really love it. 

This is above the changing table/dresser. That is a corkboard I bought a HomeGoods last year for our bedroom but I actually never did find a good place to hang it. My original pennant banner was too long so 3 of my triangles ended up there :) I'm sure they'll be replaced as I find new things to put on her board, but I like it there for now. The print on the right is another favorite of mine from Katie Daisy - it says "Be filled with JOY" And all the way to the right is the hairbow holder I made. Already full of some pretty cute bows for little miss :)

On the front of her door. I couldn't help it.

A mirror I found at HomeGoods ($20!) that I spray painted white (was originally black) and a free printable I found from Pinterest. 

This is the crib skirt I made. Hanging it turned out to be much trickier then I expected, but I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

The dresser I found via CraigsList that my dad painted for us.

love this dresser!

This rocking chair isn't actually going to work. It's not exactly comfortable and seeing as how I'll most likely be nursing in that area in the middle of the night for many, many months to come - it just won't do. We're going to use Caedmon's chair in this room (the ottoman is actually in here already but it looks weird to me right now so that's why there's no photo!) :) But I think our big boy is ready for a reading nook of his own, sans chair. I'll post a photo of this corner once we get that chair in there. I didn't get the best shot of the cornice either, but it's the same hummingbird fabric as the hairbow holder below. I LOVE it. I think it adds so much femininity to this room - especially with the stripes going on on the other wall. 

Closer up of the hairbow holder. Fun little project for me that was super duper easy.

Her closet! Full of cute little dresser and shoes and so many other baby things...
And one last photo of my boys new favorite hang out spot, he loves playing "night night" in here. Uh-oh! :)

So, here I mentioned my little check list - thought I'd run through it real quick and see if there's anything else I need to finish :)

  • Move white dresser and chair into nursery
  • Have dad take brown dresser
  • Arrange furniture
  • Lower cornice by about 1 inch (not finished, guess I just forgot/got used to it where it is!)
  • Find ottoman for the rocking chair (this changed, too - decided to reuse C's chair in this room)
  • Hang prints and other wall decorations
  • Find photos for the empty frames (1 5x7, 1 4x6) (mostly finished - just need to have a belly photo or a photo of our girl printed, but I'm waiting til after she's here!)
  • Make a yellow fabric flower for the frame with the gray print (this should be done tomorrow.)
  • Spray paint mirror for above the crib white  (even though it's not really above the crib)
  • Hang mirror
  • Install extra shelf/hanging bar in nursery closet
  • Look into blackout curtains/blinds (for both nursery and C's room)
  • Finish washing all sheets, blankets, changing pad covers
  • Spray paint rocking horse white (it was mine when I was little and it currently has some red nail polish for eyebrows and rosy cheeks... not the cutest thing as it is right now!) (and this is going to have to get bumped to someday far off in the future, ha)
  • Choose paint colors
  • Measure wall/figure out stripe order
  • Paint
  • Make cornice
  • Hang curtains and cornice
  • Find prints for nursery
  • Make hair bow holder
  • Make crib skirt
  • Find a mirror/art for above the crib


  1. It looks FANTASTIC!!! Love the dresser. Even cuter than I imagined it in my head!

    1. Thank you so much Maria!!! :) It makes my heart happy walking past her room everyday :)

  2. I love it!! Actually, I have a few questions. How did you end up hanging the crib skirt? I am making mine next week! Second, where did you find how to make the hair bow holder? It is adorable and I think Lydia needs one. So excited to see it with a little girl in it soon :)

    1. Thanks!! :) I used those velcro strips - but they weren't quite sticky enough to hold the fabric well. So if I was doing it again I would buy extra strength ultra sticky something in hopes that would work better! Or you could sew the velcro onto the fabric just to reinforce it (sheesh, why didn't I think of that a month ago?!)
      and the hairbow holder is just one of those dollar wooden plaques from Michael's covered in batting and fabric (used a staple gun to secure everything) then I just cut some yellow ribbon (that was actually on a present from the shower!) and made two long strips to hang bows and one little loop to hang it with. I like that it's the same fabric from the crib skirt, too! I can't wait to see what you do with your crib skirt!!!!! Thanks so much again for your help making this one! :)