Friday, June 15, 2012

random thoughts...

I can't believe we're going to have a baby. There are moments when I feel like it is never, ever going to get here and I truly in my heart think that I very well may be pregnant for the rest of my life. And then there are other moments where I know it is going to be over so soon and I'm not cherishing the present quite enough. 

Caedmon is my baby. Right now he doesn't have to share my attention with a soul - he gets all of it. I'm nervous for how his whole world is going to be shaken. But at the very same time, I am beyond thrilled that he is going to have a sibling so very close in age. 

I am an only child (well, I do have a much older half-brother and half-sister, but neither has ever lived with me and so in my heart I claim only child status). And I was not a fan. Family vacations were fun, but I think I always felt like there was something missing. Even still I get a little tinge of jealousy when people talk about their siblings, simply because that's a relationship I am unable to experience... but it's one that I've always known I want children of my own to experience. That is probably where my desire for four kiddos comes into play... We're going to see how we do with two, but in my heart I've always wanted four kids. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds. :) 

Anyway, so I'm thankful God is providing for this dream of mine in growing our family. I'm excited to see the brother/sister relationship and I hope I help foster their friendship well. 

Michael and I have a tendency to be a tad... lazy. We're big time procrastinators. I tend to want to start 10,000 projects at once and I think I overwhelm my darling husband to the point of entire lack of motivation. This is a challenge in our marriage but I think we're learning how to work together more and more on it. But we've slowly been working on our baby girls room more and more. Her closet is all put together, dresser is organized, all clothes and blankets are washed. And today we hung things on the wall. There are still 3 more frames that need to go up but I am thrilled to see it's finally coming together! Seriously, really excited. 

Caedmon has figured out how to climb into sister's bed. Her mattress is much higher than his, creating a perfectly sized step for him to hoist himself inside. He has crawled out only once by himself. He still hasn't figured out how to accomplish this in his own bed and honestly, I think he has little desire to do so. He likes his bed and does really, really well in it. Our pediatrician has a 3 year old and she is still in her crib, so I like that there's no rush. I'm hoping he can hold out until he tells us he's ready for a big boy bed himself.

Caedmon is such a big kid already. He's almost 23 months old and is just awesome. I know every mom says that but man, he's so cool. He knows all of his colors now - and he says them like this. "Ree - Red" "Boo - Blue" "Lellow - Yellow" "Geen - Green" "Foo Foo - Orange" (yea, no idea but it's cute!) "Pu-ple - Purple" "White" And he uses them correctly! His favorite is to point out colors of cars right now. White truck, Ree caw, etc. I just remember a few months ago I was so worried about him not speaking and now he is talking up a storm and is just so smart. Earlier today he handed me his sippy cup and said, "Take it." Nuts. Every day he's saying something new or stringing more words together. Makes my heart so happy... and if I can offer one piece of wisdom to other moms - DON'T COMPARE YOUR KIDS. Really, just don't. Because they are all going to do things at a different pace and that is no reason to worry about their development. 

He also knows the names of all of the sesame street characters, dozens of different choo-choos, and Pooh and Tigger. He doesn't know the name of many people yet. Just last week was the first time he used a name "Eck" for Eric - a friend of ours from church all on his own. He calls my friend Tara "Ta ta" and he tries to say her sons name but I know I'm the only one who understands that one. But it's fun to see him recognizing people. 

He's starting school in September and I am just so excited for him. I haven't mentioned this but he does so well in the nursery at church now. I started attending a Wed. morning bible study and I think that really helped - just being looked after by others more frequently. But he doesn't cry when I drop him off and he honestly doesn't even get too excited when I pick him up - he just wants to keep playing. But it makes my heart so happy. It used to be such a major issue for us and I never saw an end in sight... and all of a sudden he does so well! It's awesome. I'm so proud of this kid. :)

This ended up being really random. But I hadn't posted in awhile and Caedmon is napping and I just thought I'd write. And now I think I'm going to go take a nap while I've got the chance! :)

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