Wednesday, January 11, 2012

some big news!

Our family is growing... our newest little one is on the way! Our due date is June 25... so in a little less then 6 months we'll have a little one. We're very very excited... and a little nervous about have two kiddos under the age of two! This post may be a bit random - but full of pregnancy related things I've been wanting to talk about for weeks... so hopefully it will be entertaining/informative for some of ya'll. :)

We had decided to "stop not trying" in October of last year... and we found out in September that we were pregnant, so he/she was still a bit of a surprise for us! It was a Wednesday night and I hadn't been feeling well all day. I asked Michael to pick me up some Nyquil on his way home from rehearsal. I also mentioned he may want to pick up a pregnancy test - just in case. I was not at all expecting it to be positive... but I'm a little leery of medicines and I just wanted to make sure before I took anything. Well, the surprise was on us! 

I took the test then set it on the counter, it said it would take about 3 minutes, so Michael started putting something away and I just started at the test. As soon as I saw the word "positive" appear on that tiny screen... my mind was blown. I said "Babe..." and then Michael said, "nu-uh!" and then we both just laughed and hugged and laughed some more in the kitchen. It was beautiful. I always thought for our second baby I would think of some fun way to tell him (with Caed, I woke him up at 7am to break the very surprising news!). But I think this way was still perfect. :)

So far this pregnancy has been very similar to my first, except I've been more sick. With Caed my morning sickness started at 6 weeks and lasted till week 40 (but luckily Zofran and I were great friends). This time, morning sickness started at 6 weeks again and was pretty relentless until week 12... but it's still a day-by-day thing. But weeks 6 through 10 this time were very, very difficult. My midwife almost prescribed me anti-depressants (but I refused because of the whole leery of medicines thing... and unfortunately Zofran and I haven't been friends this go around - I hear that's very common with a second pregnancy!) I was basically a crying-emotional mess for weeks (Something I never dealt with with my first pregnancy) I would lay on the couch because I was so tired and just sad... it was a rough month and I'm just thankful it's over! I'm excited to see how this pregnancy will be different from my first - it is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's a whole nother baby in there! Pretty awesome.

Okay, I have more pregnancy updates that will be coming soon... so stay tuned :)

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  1. I love pregnancy posts :) Praying for you all as you prepare to welcome another life into the world!!!