Friday, January 20, 2012

little artist

My little man does not like to get his hands dirty. One time we were outside and he fell... his hands touched the dirt and he made the most hilarious face and started ferociously shaking his hands to get the dirt off. Boy gets this from his dad... but it's charming and it's so him. I love it. Needless to say "finger painting" will not be happening in this house. 
I got out the paints and showed him how to put his fingers in it to draw - he left his table, picked up a crayon, sat back down, and dipped that in the paint and then started making dots. He's a smart one, right? Anyway, so now we only even try to paint with brushes around here and he loves it. We're not really past the "dot making" stage but it's still fun. And very easy to cleanup! Which is a huge plus for mommy.

It's frustrating when you can't open the paint all by yourself... and mommy takes pictures instead of helping...

just open it already, mom...

and here he accidentally got some on his finger and he's asking me to get it off... sheesh. :)

Also, funny story about his painting. My mom was here last weekend and she was painting with him, he accidentally marked across his cheek with the brush and it made mom and I laugh... he looked so puzzled and then just started to tear up and almost start wailing. Luckily mommy was able to wash that stuff of pronto and not too many tears were shed.  Love this little man!

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