Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The other day we went to a bookstore in town that has a big children's area, but most importantly, a choo-choo table. Any time I walk into a bookstore with Caedmon he immediately looks up at me and says, "choo-choo?" It's pretty precious. But aren't those things awesome? I've been boys and girls as old as six playing with them and boys and girls less than a year old all playing together with those train tables. It's really awesome to sit back and watch.

So, we went to the choo-choo table and he went at it, connecting the trains and cars and pushing them all around the table. When a little girl Caedmon's age walked over with her daddy. She played with them for less than a minute and then looked up at her daddy like, "Okay, take me somewhere else... these are no fun." And I thought it was just so funny. Caedmon could play with those things for hours. We have trains at home and 95% of the time the first words he says in the morning is "choo choo". He loves, loves, loves them. I actually almost broke down in tears one day when he wanted to play choo choos after dinner because I had sat on the floor pushing trains the entire day.

And this little girl was completely unimpressed.

Today Caedmon wanted to paint - so I got out the brushes and some paint for him and he painted for less than two minutes and went back to playing with his blocks and trains. Painting does not grab his attention. This boy is much more captured by connecting trains, building tracks, stacking blocks, doing puzzles, and reading books. He'll pass on the painting, the coloring, the glueing... almost every time. But I'm still trying to offer up those things to keep him well-rounded, ha :)

Isn't it crazy how kids have such strong interests at such early ages? It's just awesome. I love watching my little guy explore and just learn more and more about the things that he loves and make him smile the biggest.

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