Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introducing... Melissa Rossine Photography

I've mentioned here and here about photoshoots I've done. So thankful for my sweet friend Ashley for modeling for me and letting me take some maternity photos for her and then asking me to do photos for her family! Really awesome.

In college I had many, many roommates and several of them took photography classes. I always wanted to, but honestly felt like my creativity was nowhere near the level of theirs and so I avoided signing up for that intro to photography class. But it's always been something that I wished I was good at and something that has never stopped being fascinating to me.

But I didn't realize quite how much I loved photography until after my son was born. We bought a DSLR camera a month before we found out we were pregnant - it really was something I knew I always wanted and luckily we had some wedding money to "play" with. But I never really had anything to photograph before I met Caedmon. I adore photographing my son - I love capturing all of his different expressions and now I love looking back on photos I took of him a year ago and just admiring how much he's grown. It's awesome to have those memories captured.

I've never really had a hobby. I've always wanted one - but just never found one that fit. I've always been jealous of my husband because he is an exceptionally talented musician. Exceptionally. I wanted to be exceptionally talented at something. I like doing creative projects but I don't have one that I consistently go to when I need a little creative outlet. But photography is something I'm just gaining a new appreciation for each time I pick up my camera. It's the first hobby that I actually love! Not that I'm especially talented in this area - but I truly believe my skill here is growing and I think with a bit more practice I might even someday get to the level of exceptionally talented. :)

I've talked to many friends about how I want to be a part-time photographer, if you will. I absolutely love staying home with my son (and future daughter) during the day... but it gets lonely sometimes. I don't know many other women my age with kids yet so we don't have a lot of play dates or anything during the day. So the opportunity to get out of the house every once in awhile to do something I love I think would really be great for my soul. My friends have all been super encouraging - telling me that I do actually have some talent and I just need to basically put myself out there and practice more.
So here I am. Trying to spread my wings into a totally new thing that is just mine. My break from chasing my toddler around and get out of the house and just getting the opportunity to do something I love... and hopefully create something beautiful for other people. Now, I have no idea what will happen with this - I'm leaving in God's hands and his timing and will just have to wait to see what the future holds. But right now - I'm just thankful to have found a new hobby that I truly do love!

So, all of that to say... I had another photoshoot this past weekend. And another one next weekend! And two or three others lined up. I'm pretty excited for the chance to just build up my portfolio some more and get more practice. The really neat thing is that I can really tell a difference between each shoot - just how much I'm learning from each one. That has been the most encouraging thing.

I went to dinner with some girlfriends a few weekends ago and mentioned that Michael had told me I just need more confidence in myself - and also more practice with photography. And that a photographer friend who I really look up to told me essentially the same thing. Maria piped up and said she and Mark really needed some new photos of themselves for around their house... and that they would be happy to model for me! From this conversation I'm also doing a mini-shoot, and another shoot for two other friends of mine. Pretty neat. :)

We've known Mark and Maria for about four years - they are one of the most awesome couples we're lucky enough to know. They make each other laugh so easily and it's impossible not to have a good time when you're around them. You can just tell by how they look at each other in the photos how crazy they are about each other - and they've been married almost 10 years! So awesome.

This is one of my favorites - I just love how he is looking at her! It makes my heart happy.

I was able to get so many pictures of them laughing - it was perfect! 

This one is my favorite from the day. I just love everything about it.

And this one is so very them. They are seriously the most in shape couple we know. For real. Right now they're training for the tough mudder happening in just a few months! I'm definitely not that brave. :)

Ah, what a wonderful way to spend a few hours! I had so much fun... and I think they did too :)
 If you're interested in a photoshoot - please let me know! Would seriously love the chance to hang out with you and hopefully create something that you love. :)

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