Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I haven't updated much... and you're probably not surprised.

I'm adjusting to having two kiddos really well, I think. It feels like our daughter has been with us forever already. It's crazy how one day you're pregnant and lamenting over the fact that you've been pregnant forever and all of a sudden one day you're no longer pregnant and I can barely remember what it was like, it feels like it was so long ago that I was waddling along with that big belly!

I took both kids out to church Sunday - but Michael was there and C is kind of well known around the church, so I didn't feel like I was solo. Then on Tuesday I took both of them to Target. And it could not have gone better. C never sits still in the cart. He wants to walk with me or help push or go exploring off on his own. He truly is Mr. Independent. But he sat in the cart the entire time. I pushed the cart fast and slow as we talked about what those words mean... I handed him various things and I had an unending supply of crackers (or was willing to have an unending supply - I would have bought more crackers if I had to). And little e slept the whole time!

Michael and I took the kids to a children's garden this morning - and we actually ended up buying a season pass C had so much fun. He learned about different kinds of bugs and got to water vegetables and go pretend fishing (they had sticks with little styrofoam balls on the end, looking like buoys). It was really neat and I can't believe we hadn't gone before!

We really are adjusting well. C has taken to being a big brother very well. The other night Michael was taking him upstairs to go to bed and he said, "night night momma... night night baby" and gave her a kiss. I asked for one and was denied - sissy really is the only one he's into giving kisses to right now. :)

Em is getting up twice at night - pretty consistently at 1 and 4am. She is fussy around 830-930pm, which is unfortunate because that's when I'm ready for bed! So I'll nurse her and usually hand her off to Michael and he gets her to sleep and I get a few hours of sleep before I'm up to nurse her again. She's still sleeping most of the day but each day is has a few more minutes of awake time. She's already gained a pound since her birth! Very, very thankful to have very little nursing issues. It feels like ages since I nursed C... it really is so nice to have that bonding time and just experience again.

I have an appt tomorrow with my midwife just to check in, I think. After 1 week postpartum I was feeling great... my pain completely stopped and I just felt mostly back to normal. That feeling continues and right now I kind of just feel like I want to run, ha. I've never, ever wanted to run but I think now being so close to my normal size I'm just excited to not have that 40 extra pounds around my belly anymore! So, hopefully this feeling will continue in 4 weeks when I'll get the green light to exercise! :)

That's all of our little updates... thanks for checking in with our little fam. :)

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